Just Sweet, Prebiotic and Rich on Fiber

Sweeten your Coffee without Calories

For some, Coffee and tea taste better when sweetened. That may cause a problem for someone who’s trying to control the weight.

What if you could go down from 60 kcal / cup to 1 kcal, would you still say no thanks to a cup of fresh brewed black Coffee?

Read more about our «Just Sweet» Sugar replacement below!

«Just Sweet», what is it?

Sweetener with vegetable origin.  Stevia (Reb A); and other natural sweeteners in a special combination where the taste and mouth feel are identical to Sugar.

The main difference, when comparing with Sugar is the Calories. Where Sugar have 40 kcal, as it is in a 100 ml soft drink, «Just Sweet» have 1 kcal!

Prebiotic means?

It means that «Just Sweet (prebiotic and rich on fiber)» contains a «food dextrin», a fiber you can’t digest, but the good bacteria in the intestines love it.

If you consume 1 g per day, for 4 weeks, you will increase the number of good bacteria in the digestive tract and have 6 times more.

We are what we eat

or maybe the correct would be; “We are what we didn’t eat”?

The Prebiotic fibers helps to maintain a strong immune system by building a healthy lower intestinal tract. This enhances the absorption of nutrients and helps to maintain proper digestion.

«Just Sweet» stimulate the growth and/or activity of the good bacteria (bifidobacterium) in the digestive system in ways benficial to the health.

The Power of Nature

«Just Sweet» is made only from Natural ingredients. No artificial additives. It’s 100% Nature!