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Shifting away from sugar

Kosher ice cream

JustSweet Kosher – כָּשֵׁר

We don’t make Ice Creams Actually, we do, but we don’t sell Ice Cream. We make ice cream recipes for some of the biggest Ice Cream […]

Smoothies, Detox, and Protein shakes

Taste better when sweetened with JustSweet™ For a long time,  taste had to be sacrificed at the expense of being a healthier product. Too much sugar […]

Whipped-Chantilly Cream

A Whipped-Chantilly Cream may be too sweet for some, but this extremely sweet and high on sugar calorie bomb must be popular since a recipe is posted […]

First taster in the holy land (Israel)

Oscar was the first ever, in Israel, to taste the 100% natural & pre-biotic low-calorie sweetener. He mixed in a Argentinian Yerba Mate drink and loved […]

What is Sugar?

Sugar is the generic name for sweet, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food. There are various types of sugar derived from different sources. […]

Millennials driving the next generation of functional foods

The demands on brands and suppliers to fulfill consumer’s desire to eat healthy foods has never been higher than today. With millennials becoming increasingly more aware […]

sorze4 acquires majority of the shares in Just Sweet AS

The Norwegian company sorze4 have acquired a majority of the shares (stock) in the company Just Sweet AS (public). The buyer see Just Sweet as a […]

Replacing sugar with Just Sweet

The Amazon Secret have replaced all sugars with Just Sweet and the flavor is still as before. Fantastic and taste like it was sweetened with calorie […]

Obesity and excess weight have reached epidemic proportions worldwide

Energy-dense diets and a sedentary lifestyle are recognized as major contributors. To combat the rising epidemic, the WHO has identified a set of dietary recommendations. (World Health […]

How much weight can you lose?

If you replace your sugar containing products, with “Just Sweet”, you will definitely lose weight (and improve your immune system). How much weight, that’s not easy […]

Jubilee Club members

If you are a Jubilee Club member you have already received information by e-mail. Please have a look at our web-site for more information about Just […]

Work from the inside

Traditionally, women have had the most focus on slowing aging, and looking good, but often, the method is polishing on the outside. That’s OK, but not […]