Research shows:

In addition to overall health and wellness concerns, part of what makes millennials a key market for functional foods, according to researchers; it is their belief that «functional foods have the ability to replace some medications».

Millennials choose functional foods to...

Millennials choose functional foods to: 1st manage stress, 2nd combat fatigue, 3rd lose weight and 4th maintain eye health.

What’s the Trend

Millennials (“Gen-Y”) have been dubbed the “foodie generation”. They engage and connect with their food; whether it’s going to a new gourmet restaurant or seeking out information on ingredients.

This generation craves experiences over products and with an increase in social media platforms, Millennials’ interaction and attitude towards food is becoming more noticeable and important.

What’s New

According to research conducted by the Center for Culinary Development, several characteristics are central to Millennials as foodies.

First, they are a globally oriented generation; they are well-traveled and have a high-level of comfort with different cultures. Because of this, they value authenticity when eating ethnic food, but also appreciate an authentic mash-up such as Mexican dumplings or Korean BBQ tacos.

It is important for Millennials to be able to customize their menu items and choose add-ons when they want.

They are a generation that is more concerned with healthy foods and where ingredients came from than their parents or grandparents were at the same age. Moreover, they are “thrill-seekers who crave heightened eating experiences such as intense flavors and extreme textures.”

Social media platforms

With new digital and social media platforms available, food is being embraced as a vehicle for self-expression and storytelling.

Even aside from posting pictures, Millennials are constantly “pinning” new recipes and racing to “check in” at a new restaurant.

Important statistics backing this trend: 44% of Millennials ages 21-24 have posted a photo of food or drinks they or someone else was having on social media, 52% of Millennials ages 21-32 would rather go to a food festival than music festival and 61% of Millennials ages 21-24 would rather have dinner at a new restaurant than buy a new pair of shoes.

Why it Matters

By 2017, Millennials will have the power to outspend the Boomer generation; which is why paying attention to their attitudes and behaviors towards food is more important than ever.