Claudia Münch JustSweet

Natural High Intensity Prebiotic Sweetener

JustSweet is 100% Natural and Prebiotic. Derived from NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE ingredients, with a natural fermentation method. Research has shown that prebiotic fibers may help to maintain a strong immune system, by building a healthy lower intestinal tract which enhances the absorption of nutrients, and helps to maintain proper digestion.
It's JustSweet

It tastes like sugar

In most products JustSweet will taste like sugar, but only add a fraction of the calories. Being 25-150 times sweeter than sugar and having half the calories per gram, makes JustSweet the best sugar replacement on the market.

Home & Industrial use

JustSweet is available to home consumers who want a low-calorie table-top-sweetener and for those who want an alternative to sugar when cooking. With JustSweet in sachets, or larger bags, you can easily replace sugar with the healthier option.

For industry, for food manufacturers, JustSweet is available in 25 kg industrial bags.

JustSweet is a good alternative for most food products, when it comes to replacing sugar. It is resistant to low pH and high temperatures.

In some foods, sugar has a function in addition to being a sweetener. Sometime the sugar may be used to add volume to a product, such as in jams. In beverages sugar can be used to regulate the viscosity.

Where it is necessary to use a filler (changing volume or viscosity), it is not unusual to use some type of “gum” or polydextrose*, but we would rather recommend “JustSweet Prebiotic Fiber”**, a natural dietary fiber which, in addition to volume, gives the consumer a positive health effect.

What is Claudia Münch JustSweet

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*Polydextrose is a synthetic sugar fiber. It does not occur in nature. It is synthesized from glucose and sorbitol using a process called vacuum bulk polycondensation.

**JustSweet Prebiotic Fiber is a natural dietary fiber derived from NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE Maize (Corn).