Disclaimer Please consider this:

Statements on this web-site was found on the Internet (other web-sites). We have been very critical when considering the sources used, but we cannot guarantee that all claims are scientifically proven. The text on this site, for some claims, must be understood as assumptions, based on traditional use, without sufficient scientific evidence.

Claims, not said to be documented by research, may or may not be correct. Prebiotic fiber may, or may not be beneficial for the consumer. The products are not to be considered as a drug that may cure diseases or other medical conditions. It is our claim that “Just Sweet is good for you!”

However, we do not claim that JustSweet can cure any disease and it is our recommendation that you should contact a medical doctor if you believe that you should have medical treatment.

JustSweet is not a medicine for any disease. We only refer to the fact that prebiotic fiber can contribute to the enhanced immune system and that JustSweet does not significantly affect the blood sugar level of the person who consumes the sweetener.

If you have any questions, or doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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