Sweeten your foods and beverages
without Calories

«Just Sweet», what is it?

Sweetener with vegetable origin. Steviol Glucosides from Stevia and prebiotic dietary fiber in a special combination where the taste and mouth feel are identical to Sugar.

Prebiotic means?

It means that «JustSweet (prebiotic and rich on fiber)» contains a «food dextrin», a fiber you can’t digest, but the good bacteria in the intestines love it.

We are what we eat

«JustSweet» stimulate the growth and/or activity of the good bacteria (bifidobacterium) in the digestive system in ways benficial to the health.

Who's using JustSweet?

«JustSweet®» was developed for the Functional drinks from «the Amazon Secret®». Until January 1, 2018, the brand owned by sorze4 had an exclusive right to use it in beverages. Now it is available for anyone who has an interest in improving beverages, cakes, dairy products, and ice creams.
For the Amazon Secret®, our natural functional beverages, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and ACE K, was not an option. A natural functional beverage has to be natural, so Claudia Münch JustSweet™ is the perfect natural sweetener for our products.
Jan Yttereng
sorze4 AS (LLC)
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