125 g pouch to be presented

We did it our way

Thursday, 13th of September, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is time and place for our first presentation of JustSweet in 125 g consumer packaging (retail). 

Suitable for most things you use sugar for (except making caramels). Baking, sweetening of beverages, sauces, chantilly cream and ice cream is some of what the products product was made for.

Reduce or remove

Reducing sugar consumption isn’t a bad goal. Totally removing it from all foods may be a goal hard to reach, and for most people, it’s not necessary to do so. If you want to loose weight; best thing to do is to put on your shoes and start walking, then if you’re thirsty when you come back, don’t drink a sugared beverage. Drink water or a glass of “the Amazon Secret” sweetened with the natural sweetener JustSweet. 

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