How much weight can you lose?

If you replace your sugar containing products, with “Just Sweet”, you will definitely lose weight (and improve your immune system). How much weight, that’s not easy to say. It depends on your sugar intake. What we can say for sure is that if you reduce your intake of calories, to a level below what you need to maintain your weight (1800-2000 for women and 2200-2500 for men, depending on body weight), you will lose weight.

For most people, the larger part of the calorie intake comes from soft drinks, beverages, ice creams, sweet cakes like muffins having calories equal to a normal dinner.

When you’re trying to lose weight you should try keep your lean muscles at all cost! Muscle is your secret “fat loss” weapon. Muscles increase the body’s overall metabolic rate, burning calories three times faster than fat cells.

Muscle gives you definition, you will look stronger, more solid and fit. It will also help avoid the dreaded amorphous skinny fat look. Unfortunately a large percentage of weight loss is muscle mass, almost 50%, when you follow very low calorie diets.

Just Sweet isn’t really a diet, weight control product. It help you to lower the calorie intake, but what’s equally important is that it may have a good effect on the body. Immune system, digestion, absorption of vitamins and minerals. Everything your body need. Then what most seems to forget, it’s important to help the body to get rid of what it doesn’t need.

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On this page you can calculate your weight loss if you reduce the calorie intake.

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