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For reasons we should not speculate on, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) have other limits when it comes to use of natural sweeteners than the rest of the world. Not for table sweeteners where it for most ingredients is Quantum Satis (no limit), like the one we have for sale in Europe, and not so much for dairy products and other products that are not soft drinks.

For this reason, we have focused most on the consumer market in Europe, and industrial customers in the rest of the world, but now we have reformulated JustSweet and changed the name to “Claudia Münch JustSweet” to show that we now have a new and better product.

Used as sweetening in coffee, the first JustSweet formula has not been optimal, as the acids in the coffees produced some flavors that did not taste like sugar. Now we have also developed a special version for coffee.

It tastes like sugar but is not!

We have five versions of the product available:

  • JustSweet Industry for soda production in Europe.
  • JustSweet industry (for anything but soda in Europe).
  • JustSweet industry version of the coffee sweetener.
  • JustSweet consumer packaging, 100g stand-up pouch.
  • JustSweet consumer packaging of the coffee sweetener. 50 sachets of 200 mg

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