No sugar, no artificial sweeteners – JustSweet’ed Solo

Solo is an orange-flavoured soft drink, a brand owned by several Norwegian soft drink producers. The recipe was originally Spanish, and brought to Norway in 1934. Solo quickly became Norway’s most popular soft drink, and until the 1960’s, was bigger than Coca-Cola in Norway. In 1999, Pepsi passed Solo in market share, leaving Solo as the third most popular soft drink.

Variants of the original Solo include Solo Super (less sugar) – Meaning no added sugar, but with artificial sweeteners.

JustSweet’ed – Natural Sweetener

It’s not a product for sale yet, not yet commercial, but a successful test making it 100% natural, needing only some small adjustments will make the “no-sugar-added-version” taste like the sugared version was done at Oscar Sylte in Molde. With most of the calories from the natural orange juice used to make Solo, a JustSweet’ed version will have 4 kcal/100 ml.

If it will become a commercial version remains to be seen, but the soft drink maker who successfully made the natural version of Solo have many other sugar free products that may be improved by replacing artificial sweeteners with the natural JustSweet prebiotic sweetener.

Solo is famous for having launched the world’s largest bottle mail from Tenerife, as “stranded” in Venezuela after being robbed by pirates in the Caribbean.

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