Presenting JustSweet in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Presenting JustSweet to Importers to 20+ Countries

For the first time, JustSweet, the natural high intensity sweetener was presented to a large group of buyers. Importers to more than 20 countries. Austria, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean islands, China, Brazil, Finland,
Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, USA and others.  

The product and concept was presented by the inventor, our Master of Science (Nutrition/Obesity) Claudia who explained how hormones made her gain weight, and how she lost it, more than 10 kg (20 lbs), simply by replacing sugar with her own invention, JustSweet.

No crazy diets, simply replacing some of the sugar and moderate exercise. 1 kg per week and after 10 weeks you will be 10 kg lighter.  

When commercial products with JustSweet, or JustSweet in consumer packaging becomes available, in any country, we will announce it here on our site and our Facebook page.

It’s not our opinion that you will get Diabetes from Sugar or that Sugar is dangerous. It is though our opinion that many would benefit from reducing the amount of sugar they consume. Of course diabetics should avoid sugar as much as possible.

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