This is where it was made – In Trondheim, Norway

Perhaps known as the Viking capital of Norway, or for the cathedral used in the marketing of “The Game of Thrones”, to be the city where the technology you may use now was developed: GSM for mobile phones … or the city of Leiv Eriksson traveled from when he stranded on New Foundland and as the first Europeer discovered America.

The desire to explore and to gain inspiration from outside are important elements for those who want to develop something new. No discovery occurs without inspiration from others.

Innovations often consist of making good ideas better. The development of JustSweet can be said to be inspired by Norwegian culture, the world’s oldest existing democracy. From where we have our 2000 year old rights, like freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, our curiosity, the desire to explore, and an openness to new ideas.

Without freedom, democracy and gender equality, JustSweet could never have been created

JustSweet was made by a woman; Mrs. Claudia Renata Peres Münch-Yttereng and it’s our opinion that gender equality is needed if we want progress and innovation. We need freedom of speech to express our ideas and companies, like countries, are better when they are democratic.

When the French were confronted with a Viking army in the early 800’s, and King Charles the Great’s negotiator asked what title their leader had, their answer was plain and simple:

“No title – We have no Lord and we are all the same.”


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