We will be exhibiting at Anuga (Cologne), 5 – 9 Oct.

Anuga - Taste the future Cologne october 2019

We have been there before, several times. We do not include all of our products, but we will present Claudia Münch JustSweet, our natural prebiotic sweetener. We will take this opportunity to show you the latest version, specially made for coffee. It will come in containers with tablets and will, with the exception of sugar, be one of very few perfectly pure natural sweeteners. Definitely the only prebiotic sweetener.

We show what you can do

The problem with sweeteners that are not pure sugar is that they often give a taste. Although JustSweet tasted like sugar, in most people’s sweets, coffee was an exception. For some reason one got, perhaps not unpleasant, but a taste of coffee.

We think sweeteners should taste like sugar, even though they are low-calorie and add little or no carbohydrates. We then had to go back to the “drawing board” and we managed to develop an edition of JustSweet that tastes like sugar in coffee.This edition will only be sold as tablets in dispensers and as bulk. For anything but sweetened coffee, the original version works 100%.

Sugar-free chocolate milk

Anyone who takes a quick check in the store will see that the most popular chocolate drinks are actually more sugar than chocolate. Some, we should not mention names, but some have up to 80% sugar. Claudia Münch Chocolate drink has 50% cocoa and zero sugar!

Some surprises

We will not reveal everything here. We have some surprises in hand, but we include sugar-free products where we have used Claudia Münch JustSweet to show what you can do with this wonderful natural sweetener.If you are planning to visit Anuga then please visit us. We will be working with our production department in Brazil, Newco, in Hall 3.1 | Stand D029b

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