Mrs. Claudia Münch-Yttereng, director of JustSweet at Coca-Cola Brazil
Thank’s to Coca-Cola for the attention!
This is where it was made – In Trondheim, Norway

Yes, it’s Good in Coffee (and Tea)

JustSweet™ is a high intensity sweetener. It’s natural. It taste like sugar, but 500 mg of it (as we have in our sachets) is usually too much for what they in Brazil call a “Cafezinho” (a small coffee). For that reason we are now launching our JustSweet Sweet-Bit. Each with 170 mg of JustSweet and Zero Calories. You will have to consume 7-8 before the calorie counter reach the 1 kcal mark. 1 piece Sweet-Bit is usually enough for a cup of Coffee, or a cup of Tea.

If you want a natural sweetener for your Coffee, JustSweet™ should be your choice.

  • 1 gram is as sweet as 25-50 gram of sugar!
  • 1 gram have 2 kcal
  • 1 gram is 0,98 gram of prebiotics

The #1 choice if you want an alternative to sugar!

JustSweet is, as far as we know, the only sweetener, of natural and artificial sweeteners that taste like sugar without containing any sugar. It’s natural and therefore biodegradable.


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