Thank’s to Coca-Cola for the attention!

Mrs. Claudia Münch-Yttereng, director of JustSweet at Coca-Cola Brazil

Natural sweeteners – The big thing in the beverage industry!

It may be easier for a camel to go through a needle eye than to get the attention of one of the big players, but this is what everyone does. Almost like the Templars’ pursuit of the Holy Grail. For many of the beverage consumers, natural low-calorie sweeteners may be the way to go for weight management and a better health?

JustSweet tastes like sugar!

Do not doubt it! In most products, JustSweet tastes like sugar. The only thing you can not do is to replace the volume sugar is adding to a product, but for that purpose we have JustSweet dietary fiber.

There are many health issues related to excessive intake of sugar and consumers are shifting away from sugar. Within a few years, all food manufacturers who can not replace all, or a significant part of the sugar, when the competitor can; Anyone who is not prepared does not have a bright future in sight.

If you are in the food industry, please contact us for more information about our product.

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